St. Catherine Monastery

Camaldolesian Benedectine Nuns


In the enchanting Northern Tanzania, reach of natural parks, some hours far from Arusha Airports and just two kilometers from Ngorongoro Crater Entry, it's located the Benedictine St. Catherine Monastery.

It's managed by a group of Tanzanian Nuns Member of Camaldolesian Order.
Starting from July 2002, the fortitude and sacrifice of three Nuns coming from the far Monastery of Mafinga (Iringa Diocese) in the south of the Country, was determining for rising in few years this religious complex, an oasis of Christian Spirituality , where Benedictine precept " ora et labora " is experienced every day in sympathy and harmony in nature.
Thanks to local Diocese aid, to Mother Superior of St.Anthony in Rome, of Italian Architects and benefactors, in 2006 it was completed the construction of a cloister , guest-quarters and a refectory for receiving guests.

Would You like to experience a " particular " holiday in a serene surrounding, in close contact with nature and life of local people?
Prior agreement via E-Mail or phone , dedicated staff is ready to welcome You at the airport and taking You to the Monastery by car.

Italian language, more than English , is well-understood and spoken by our staff that will take care of Your stay.

It will be interesting to observe how easy and tiring is the work of Nuns and their collaborators in the garden, in the back-garden, in the stalls and in the fields where corn , wheat, coffee, banana and fruit-trees are grown.

The Monastery is inserted in the local reality , engaged as possible , in solving problems of people asking Nuns for an aid.

For more informations, write to: Camaldolesian Benedectine Nuns