The Monastery has a Guest-Quarter compounded by 15 Rooms ( Cells ), furnished with Toilets and Shower.
Simple but very comfortable , where it will be possible to rest in a mostly unknown silence.

Meals are prepared and served by Nuns and Novices in a wide common Refectory/Dining-Hall for Guests.
If expressly requested, also Take-Away Meals are prepared, to be used up during visits to parks.

Hospitality is directed to all, to religious and believers that could take mystic walks through the fields surrounding the Monastery , could admire also Masai Huts accurately reconstructed and pray in a chapel built in the middle of the fields, where is located also the Monastery well.

Nuns and their collaborators will take You for a visit to Karatu and Mto-wa-mbu, close places with typical markets of fruits and vegetables, fabrics and handcrafted items, expression of Masai culture.
This experience lets People know living in comfortless conditions but with a strong dignity and serenity, subject of reflection for People living in a completely different reality.
You could live with largest discretion meditation and spirituality, religious services celebrated by Nuns, and also take part on them.


Early call 5:30 A.M.    
Matins 6:00 A.M.    
Praises of meditation 7:00 A.M. 8:00 A.M. days without mass
Praises followed by mass 7:00 A.M. 8:00 A.M.  
Mid day prayer (sesta) 12:30 A.M.    
Lunch 01:00 P.M.    
Rest and studies 02:00 P.M. 04:00 P.M.  
Evening prayer 05:00 P.M. 06:00 P.M.  
Dinner 07:30 P.M. 08:15 P.M.  
Night prayer 09:00 P.M.    
Rest 10:00 P.M.    

Nuns wait to share with You moments of fraternal friendship and pleasing rest. For more info, write us!

St. Catherine Monastery

Camaldolesian Benedectine Nuns